Our story


York Collective was founded in January 2020, with the aim of providing a courier service run by local people for local businesses. We chose to be a workers’ cooperative, as we wanted concern for the community and social responsibility to be at our core. So, in our early days, we dedicated a lot of our time to establishing the CoopCycle international federation of cycle courier cooperatives, and also built lasting relations with other York based social enterprises and charities, more latterly becoming members of YorkCVS. During the first Covid pandemic lockdown we joined the Supper Collective, delivering meals to York Hospital every day for three months, taking up the mantle again during the following lockdowns. Continuing the legacy of this work, we still actively deliver food donations from local businesses to foodbanks.

As well as playing an active part in supporting the community, we work closely with York’s independent businesses, providing an unrivaled ethical, environmentally-friendly and convenient service. This is the core of our work, however we’re happy to take bookings for delivery of all manner of goods across York (go to the main page for the shops we work with).

We’re still a young organisation but we’ve got big ambitions, as we grow we aim to increase our worker membership and offer improved working conditions and a real living wage to more of York’s community.

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